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Probe Trax - New future for the moisture probe network


In 2013 SFS installed and managed a network of soil moisture and temperature capacitance probes through branches at Inverleigh, Streatham, Hamilton, Gippsland and Tasmania.

The initial cost of the probe hardware and data management was funded by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and the GRDC. This project funding has now ceased and new arrangements need to be put in place to continue operating the probe network.

In 2016 SFS has developed a new web based platform for growers to interact with the probes. The new platform is very intuitive and allows users to look at soil moisture and temperature in relation to time.


View the instructional demonstration video of the new web platform below

A subscription based login will allow subscribers to interrogate the probes and manage alerts for a range of moisture and temperature levels.

A series of meetings were held in July 2016 to consult with growers who currently host probes on their properties. From these meetings a new management structure and cost schedule were developed. These are detailed in the Probe Trax Agreement.

Download a copy of the Probe Trax Agreement 


There are 5 levels of membership:

Probe Hosts, property owners where the probes are located, pay the most but get the value of the measurements being relevant to their property. They also have a lot more options available in regard to information sharing and alerts from the platform.

Current SFS Members, can access information on two levels, full access or limited access. All members and the public are eligible to purchase and install probes which will be accessible via a subscription to the platform.

Non-members of SFS, can also purchase access to the platform at levels indicated in the agreement.

To register for Probe Trax, please complete the Probe Trax Agreement and return or email to:

Jon Midwood, Southern Farming Systems, 23 High St, Inverleigh VIC 3321.

For more information:  

Jon Midwood P: 0400 666 434, E:

This program is supported through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program.

We are most grateful for the support from GrainGrowers Ltd in sponsoring this project. 


SFS acknowledges the development of the new web based platform by Cerdi at Federation University, Ballarat.