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SFS News


Improving pasture production on stony barriers

Southern Farming Systems & Stoneleigh Landcare Group will hold a presentation and farm walk ..


Improving soil health through liming & cover cropping

Southern Farming Systems latest event on "Improving soil health through liming & cover cropp..


GRDC Spray Application Workshop

GRDC Spray Application Workshop Lake Bolac View details HERE (


Women on farms workshops

A series of Women on Farms workshops will be held in 2019 based at Hamilton and Lake Bolac with..


SFS Trial Results Day 2019

Southern Farming Systems will hold the Annual Trial Results Day on Wednesday 20th March 2019. ..


Southern Pulse Agronomy webinars

View the information on the upcoming webinars on Pulse Agronomy HERE (/e-Updates 2019/March 19th..


GRDC Geelong Business Update

Farm Business Update - Geelong Farming to Profit Thursday 14th March View the flyer..


Annual ryegrass management workshop for HRZ agronomists

SFS and University of Adelaide will hold an Annual Ryegrass Management Workshop for HRZ Agronomi..


New course in 2019 - Getting the most out of a feed source on a mixed farming enterprise

Farmers in South west Victoria are being offered an exciting new mixed farming program in 2019. ..


GRDC Grains Research Update Rokewood

GRDC will hold a Grains Research Update on Thursday 23rd August. More details coming soon..


Germ test your retained seed

Growers using retained seed urged to quality test By Ashley Amourgis, SFS Many g..


New canola varieties evaluation for the HRZ

View article HERE (/e-updates 2018/January 16th/Canola variety evaluation trial for hrz FINAL.pd..


Herbicide resistance testing in weeds

View article HERE (/e-updates 2017/December 12th/Herbicide resistance testing.pdf)..


Rural Bank Australian crop annual forecast

View article HERE (/Rural Bank - Australian Crop Annual Update - Souther Farming Systems.pdf)..


Hyper yielding cereals project - Tasmania

View article HERE (/Hyper yielding cereals project.pdf)..


Geelong Branch ute drive and weeds forum

The Geelong Branch of SFS will hold a ute drive to Mt Hesse property and a weed resistance forum..


Crop establishment crop walk

SFS will hold a Crop Establishment workshop on Thursday 22nd June starting at 1.30pm at Werneth...


Soil biology Field Day

A Soil Biology Field Day will be held at the Simpson Recreation Reserve on Wednesday 24th May. ..


Soil moisture buckets full across S-W Vic

Article written for Stock and Land, 16th May 2017 By Claudia Gebert, SFS Growers across ..


Women on Farms Workshops

Women on Farms workshops will be held on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th May at Inverleigh and Wer..


The secret life of slugs

New project to focus on monitoring slug behaviour across southern Australia By Georgina ..


Is lime movement too slow and requires incorporation?

“Limestone needs to be incorporated into the soil or else it does little to ameliorate acidity,”..


Seed testing - farmer retained seed 2017

Success of the new crop starts with quality seed Many growers will have put aside grain ..


Soil moisture favours slug populations

Soil moisture favours slug populations By Michael Nash – Senior Researcher, Entomology Unit..


Optimising efficiency with summer weeds

Optimising efficiency with summer weeds By Zoe Creelman - SFS Research & Extension Offic..


pH mapping & variable rate liming, is it worth the extra $$?

Read the latest article published in the Stock & Land this month on variable rate liming by ..


Stubble retention drawbacks in a wet season

At the recent Hamilton Branch Spring Field Day, Dr John Kirkegaard of CSIRO discusses the drawba..


Tasmania Spring Field Day 2016

SFS Tasmania will be holding their Spring Field Day on Friday 2nd December at Pisa Estate, Macqu..


Hamilton Branch Spring Field Day 2016

The Hamilton Branch will hold a Spring Field Day on Thursday 3rd November, starting at 9am at th..


Gippsland Branch Spring Field Day 2016

The Gippsland Spring Field Day on Friday 28th October is fast approaching! It will start a..


Agrifocus 2016 - press release

Spring focus on cropping technologies at AgriFocus Field Days Southern Farming Systems (..


SFS Hamilton and Ag Vic tour

Agriculture Victoria will host SFS to tour the facilities at the Mt Napier Rd, Hamilton facility..


Inverleigh Spring Crop Walk

The Geelong Branch of SFS will host the Inverleigh Spring Crop Walk on Friday 16th September at ..


SFS Gippsland - Tour to Tasmania

RSVP's are needed by Friday 5th August to confirm your place on the study tour to Tasmania. Plea..


Russian Wheat Aphid - Info session

SFS will hold an information evening at the Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Centre on Tuesday 12th July ..


BOM July to September weather outlook

View the latest weather outlook from the Bureau of Meterology - June to September 2016 ..


Russian wheat aphid detected in Victoria

Russian wheat aphid - now confirmed in Victoria Russian wheat aphid (RWA) was confirm..


Russian wheat aphid - update

Russian wheat aphid detected in South Australia Numerous cereal crops in South..


Rust prevention requires proactive decisions - GRDC

Rust prevention requires proactive decisions New resources are available to help grain..


The Very Fast Break - May 2016

DEDJTR's Dale Grey presents the latest climate update for May and beyond, view the You tube clip..


Adopting harvest weed seed practices - latest research results

In the southern cropping region’s high rainfall zone (HRZ), an important question needs to be an..


BOM climate update May - July 2016

View the latest climate outlook brought to you by the Bureau of Meterology..


Ag Answers - April Crop update

Rural Finance Corporation are pleased to provide our April update into Victoria’s crop sec..


SFS Pre-sowing seminar not to be missed!

Southern Farming Systems will hold a Pre-Sowing Seminar on the 24th March at the Derrinallum Hal..


BOM Climate Outlook - March to May 2016

View the latest climate outlook video for March - May from the Bureau of Meterology ..


Victorian Winter Crop Summary Guide 2015 released

This publication summarises information on current varieties of the major winter crops gro..


Faba bean plantings on the rise in southern Victoria

Helping to advance the national faba bean crop’s push into the southern grains region is Victori..


Early sowing wheat in Victoria

With decreasing late autumn rain, growers can take advantage of early autumn falls by sowing win..


Geelong Branch President Stewart Hamilton talks on the season that was

This article was published in the Geelong Advertiser on 16th January 2016 Many Geelong regio..


BOM Climate outlook January - March 2016

View the latest climate and water outlook video released by the Bureau of Meterology for the Jan..


Dry 2015 could reduce cropping inputs for 2016 season

Grain growers in the southern cropping region whose crop yields were limited by this year's dry ..


View direct heading of canola at Inverleigh

SFS's Paul Breust went out to local Inverleigh growers, Steve Peel and Stu Hamilton to look at d..


CSIRO - inaugural National Outlook released

How are we going to get to where we want to go? CSIRO put that question to 40 researchers and ni..


Spontaneous combustion of haystacks an issue this season

The western district has seen at least 5 haystacks spontaneously combust this spring. With more ..


Weather outlook for December to February released - BOM

View the latest weather outlook released by the Bureau of Meteorology for the coming December to..


Latest weather outlook (BOM) - El Nino continues...

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) predicts a continued below average rainfall in the period of Nov..


AgriFocus 2015 - Packed Program not to be missed!

Southern Farming Systems (SFS) is proud to announce the return of its annual field day; AgriFocu..


Weed burden wilts under hay enterprise

Stewart Hamilton is the SFS Geelong Branch President and features in the latest GRDC Ground Cove..


SFS Open Day - Inverleigh Site 2015

Southern Farming Systems welcomes you to the annual Inverleigh Trial Site Open Day. To view..


Canola fed lamb tastes better - University of Tasmania

Feeding sheep polyunsaturated oils produces healthier meat enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, Ta..


Dig deeper to better manage soil acidity

Lisa Miller, SFS Research and Extension Officer asked the question, "Is soil testing (of the topsoil..


Regional Agronomy Graduate Program 2016 - applications open

Are you graduating from an Agricultural Science degree in 2015? Are you interested in agronomy,..


2015 Paddock Scale Crop Challenge - Entries Open

Have you got a normal, non-irrigated, commercial, arable, paddock scale crop? Is it wo..


Your suggestions needed - for GRDC Research Updates 2016

GRDC Grains Research Updates continue to be an essential forum for quality information on topica..


SFS Celebrates 20 years!

SFS is proud to be celebrating 20 years of operation in 2015. We are holding a dinner event ..


Opportunities for young farmers to have their say and enhance their careers

Recently announced by the Hon Jaala Pulford MP, the Victoria Government is providing new opportuniti..


In-crop N mineralisation a consideration for N budgets

Growers should use models to determine their nitrogen budget to take into account the complicated fa..


SFS Seeder Demonstration Day - 19th June

The Geelong Branch of Southern Farming Systems (SFS) will be holding an On-farm Seeder Demonstra..


Early season control of slugs important in the battle

With sowing either underway or fast-approaching following widespread rain in early April, growers in..


Pulses - science says we should eat more!

The importance of pulses (legumes) in gut function and bowel health is largely misunderstood in Aust..


El Nino - in the tropical Pacific

The Bureau of Meterology's ENSO (El Nino-Southern Oscillation) tracker has been raised to El-Nin..


Free Canola stubble screening for fungicide tolerant Blackleg - GRDC

In a very limited survey undertaken in 2014, strains of the fungus that causes blackleg were dis..


NVT Online - check out the best performing varieties for your region

The National Variety Trials (NVT) program is an independent approach to variety evaluation, gene..


Subsoil Manuring - An engineering challenge

Research conducted by the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, La Trobe University and Southe..


Inaugural National Mouse Census Week - April 13 to 19

Farmers and advisers throughout Australia’s grain-growing regions are being asked to get i..


SFS Trial Results Book 2014 - Out now!

Southern Farming Systems is excited to announce that the 2014 Victorian Trial Results book i..


SFS Annual Results Day - Thursday 26th March

SFS Annual Results Day - new approaches for the coming season Southern Farming Systems (SFS)..


Cover crops focus over summer at SFS

Summer cover cropping in the HRZ: Exciting results from our February crop walk Cover croppin..


Malting accreditation for 2 new barley varieties

Barley Australia announced yesterday La trobe and Flinders have received malting accreditation a..


Summer weed control always a winner

Recent rains across south-east Australia will provide valuable soil moisture for the 2015 season..


IWM strategies pay off for Lake Bolac grower

Lake Bolac farmer Neil Vallance is tackling the growing herbicide resistance problem in his area by ..


Cover crops expert to visit SFS

SFS in conjunction with Corangamite CMA, Glenelg Hopkins CMA and VNTFA are bringing a cover crop..


Grains Research Forum at Ballarat - GRDC

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) will host a major forum in Ballarat to suppor..


Correct fumigation of stored grain - to avoid insect resistance

Grain growers in the southern cropping region are urged to ensure grain stored on-farm after har..


Resistant Ryegrass Management - lessons learnt so far...

HRZ trial yields lessons in resistant ryegrass management Getting mouldboard ploughi..


Early weed kill will save moisture from summers rainy days

Early control of weeds over the summer will place southern region grain growers in an advantageo..


Vic No-Till Scholarships on offer for farmers in S-W Vic

A program to help croppers in S-W Victoria tackle issues such as slugs, heavy residue loads, soi..


Dual Purpose Canola - impressive results explained

View the latest GRDC clip featuring local grower David Brady and SFS's Annieka Paridaen..


Dual Purpose Wheat - grazed over summer to harvest next summer!

SFS's Annieka Paridaen explains some of the exciting results achieved from spring sown winter wh..


Improving problem soils with strategic cultivation and rotations

Improving problem soils with strategic cultivation and rotations Waterlogging, Compaction, ..


Wheat Vs Barley - which cereal should I sow following the break crop?

Wheat v barley as the first cereal following a break ... assessing yield, productivity and economics..


Smartphone Apps for Smart farmers

The Ag Excellence Alliance has updated the very popular publication “Smartphone Apps for S..


Wrap up of Victorian weather in 2014 and outlook for 2015 - DEPI

The "Very Fast Break" summarises the Victorian 2014 season, reviews the most accurate climate mo..


Harvest is the time to get on top of resistant weeds

Dr Chris Preston, a weed management expert from the University of Adelaide, says herbici..


World Soils Day 5th December

Raising awareness of the importance of our soils, for life on earth - view this U-tube clip (htt..


Early sown winter canola could reduce risks in HRZ

By Alistair Lawson With the popularity of spring-sown winter canola varieties increasing in the..


Optimizing wheat yields by choosing variety and sowing date for the HRZ - CSIRO's James Hunt

CSIRO’s James Hunt explains how to spread risk and optimise whole farm yields by looking a..


Retaining the right seed for next year - GRDC

Growers can give themselves a head start for next season by adhering to some basic practices when it..


SFS research shows spring sown wheat a winner


Heavy grazing of dual purpose canola key to better growth


HRZ trials investigate new yield lift tactics


Considering sowing a winter canola this spring?

Considering sowing a winter canola this spring? SFS are in the third year of trialling ..


Species identification critical in controlling slugs


SFS Results Day - Annual 2014

SFS Annual Trial Results Day Wednesday, 19th March, 2014 The annual SFS Results Day is on..


New SFS Research and Trials Manager

SFS would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Research and Trials Manager Mr. Paul Breust. ..


Fodder's place in weed war

Fodder's place in weed war By Gregor Heard - Stock and Land - February 12, 2014 GROWERS in hi..


Know your slugs: species ID key to effective pest control

Know your slugs: species ID key to effective pest control By Sharon Watt - Porter Novelli - GRDC ..


Action on Ground leading to increases in soil carbon at depth?

Action on Ground leading to increases in soil carbon at depth? By Dr Renick Peries - DEPI for Sto..


Who's been eating my canola?

Who's been eating my canola? By Annieka Paridaen - SFS Projects Coordinator Toward t..


Using social media for your farm business

Using social media for your farm business By Jon Midwood – SFS CEO Technological inno..


Stubble retention receives GRDC funding attention

Stubble retention receives GRDC funding attention Farming systems groups across the sout..

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